Ted Nicholas – This Man, I Respect

Ted Nicholas – This Man, I Respect

My good friend Matt Furey recently introduced me to one of his top mentors; the legendary marketing and business-building genius, Ted Nicholas.

Thanks to Matt, I attended a FANTASTIC three-day copywriting seminar with Ted in Tampa. It was a truly awesome event.

Then, the following week, Ted gave an information-packed seminar at Matt’s Mastermind meeting in beautiful Clearwater Beach, which I also attended. Another phenomenal learning experience I will never forget.

Next, I enjoyed a private lunch with Ted, which reminded me of a few lunches I had with the great Zig Ziglar a number of years back. Both Ted and Zig are very similar in many ways.

So why am I writing this post?

Well, after getting to know Ted Nicholas a bit, I quickly developed a tremendous RESPECT for him.

Now, contrary to what you might hastily be thinking, my respect for Ted did not kick into high gear because he has sold more than seven billion dollars worth of his own products and services during his lifetime.

It wasn’t because he founded the famous The Company Corporation and went on to help more people to incorporate than anyone else in history.

It’s not because he has written 17 bestsellers and sold more than five million copies of his books, so far.

It’s not because he’s a marketing legend. Or, because he’s famous. Or, because he’s unimaginably wealthy. Uh-uh.

Now, don’t get me wrong. All of these successes are truly incredible, if not mind-boggling and they place Ted in a category unto his own.

But the real reason I came to respect Ted Nicholas so much is not because of these successes. It is because he’s such a quality person.

Ted operates by way of old-fashioned values and principles.

I’m talking about characteristics such as integrity, honesty, kindness, originality and ingenuity. He’s firm, but fair, and VERY savvy. Classy, but not slick. He’s a true gentleman. A “giver” with a huge heart and a bigger-than-life persona. He is a self-made man.

In fact, he exemplifies many of the principles and character traits that are being taught in martial arts schools throughout the world. As we martial artists know, attitude is everything and Ted is a “10th degree grandmaster” when it comes to this skill.

Plus, he’s a devout philanthropist who is extremely passionate about “giving back.”

While I do not have exact figures at my disposal, my sense is that he’s donated millions to charity and will continue giving for as long as he is able. Something tells me he may even top Paul Newman’s charitable contributions, which I understand exceeded 250 million. Wouldn’t that make a noteworthy addition to Ted’s legacy?

So, I’m of the opinion that the world (and especially the business community) could learn a lesson or two from Ted Nicholas.

Ted’s old-fashioned approach is certainly not a sign of weakness, or obsolescence. Not even close. It is a tremendous strength and I believe it is the best way to live life, make money, treat others and operate businesses – right now in today’s world.

In fact, I’m proud to say that I’ve instinctively used Ted’s TRADITIONAL APPROACH to build my own career and reputation as a leader in the martial arts community.

With me, what you see is what you get. I’m all about honesty, integrity, fairness, trust and so on. I’m not a snake oil salesman. I’m not arrogant, cavalier, greedy, dishonest, narcissistic or out to get you. It’s simply not in my DNA to be this way. And this is yet another reason why I identified so well with Ted. He’s not that way either.

As I became more and more aware of his style, I sensed that his value system and mine were remarkably similar. Truth is, this realization gave me instant peace-of-mind, cause I often feel as if I’m somewhat alone – being Mr. Straight Shooter – in what seems like an increasingly cut-throat society, where you constantly have to watch your back just to keep from getting knifed.

And I have been “knifed” on more than one occasion.

But Ted is living proof that you can become an ENORMOUS success by doing the right thing…and without taking advantage of others. This makes him a wonderful role model, not just for entrepreneurs, but for anyone and everyone across the globe.


After that private lunch concluded, “The Fure-Cat” led our little group out of the restaurant. That’s when I extended my hand to say goodbye to Ted. But instead of shaking my hand, he reached right around it and embraced me with a magnificent hug followed by some kind words.

How cool is that?

I suddenly thought to myself, “Wow! What a guy! So remarkably successful. So high on life. So happy and pleasant towards others. So full of love and positive energy. So down-to-earth. What an inspiration!”

Then, I thought, “I MUST become even more like Ted. When I grow up, I wanna be just like him. Ha!”

Now how often do you say that about someone in this day and age? Especially in the business world where it’s often kill or be killed. Or, dog-eat-dog? Not very often, I’d say.

On a final note, I encourage you to visit tednicholas.com. Recommending his site his the least I can do.

If you feel that you could benefit from learning Ted’s best secrets on copywriting, direct response marketing, entrepreneurship, wealth building, wellness, info-publishing and more…then you must invest in some of his products and services. His materials are “for real” and based on a proven tack record…a track record that is fast closing in on eight billion dollars worth of sales.

As a matter of fact, my dear friend Matt Furey invested in one of Ted’s products many years ago when he was earning next to nothing. Ask Matt now and he’ll be the first to tell you that this single investment is one of the main reasons why he is a multi-millionaire today.


I think not.

Now do you see why I respect Ted Nicholas as much as I do?



PS: I also suggest you visit mattfurey.com. Take it from a guy who has personally reviewed virtually all of Matt’s products one-by-one over the past two years. They are not just good, they’re great and they hold the power to change your life in a flash!


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