Bruce Lee Museum Coming to Seattle?

Bruce Lee Museum Coming to Seattle?

The late, great Bruce Lee had only one wife — Linda Lee. She is now remarried to another “Bruce” and goes by the name Linda Lee Cadwell.

Recently, I had the honor of doing some good work with Linda for the 12th Annual Joe Lewis Research Conference, which took place in

Tampa, Florida, October 6-9, 2011.

My involvement began when Joe mentioned to me that he wanted to give his third and final Lifetime Achievement Award to his close friend, Bruce Lee, at the banquet of his 12thevent.

Bruce Lee congratulates Joe Lewis for winning the U.S. National Championships

So I reached out to Linda concerning her involvement and made it all happen on “The Champ’s” behalf.

Ultimately, Linda attended the event and accepted Joe’s highly prestigious award in her late husband’s honor. Her acceptance speech was remarkably touching; moving; distinctive; inspirational; something I will never forget.

Getting to know Linda was truly a wonderful experience. She is a radiant, generous, elegant, gracious lady with a heart the size of Tampa Bay.

No, make that TWICE the size of Tampa Bay!

And saying that I enjoyed my conversations with her would be an understatement.

On one occasion, as we were having dinner, Linda updated me as to the status of the Bruce Lee Action Museum — an idea that’s been in the works for years. She described her vision for this grand project and shared some interesting insights into how it was progressing.

The original plans were to build the museum in Hong Kong, where Bruce Lee lived at one point during his life. However, those plans have been changed. It’s possible that this one-of-a-kind martial and cultural attraction will now be built in Seattle, Washington. The city has expressed a strong interest in the project. Those involved are already scouting for potential site locations and organizing various funding strategies.

Linda Lee Cadwell and Rob Colasanti discussing the forthcoming Bruce Lee Action Museum

After hearing Linda talk about all this in her own special, effortless and balanced way…I was pumped! I wanted to learn more! I wanted to become involved!


Well, for a number of reasons. But mainly, because of how I think when it comes to Bruce Lee. See, I’ve always said that we martial artists owe a deep debt of gratitude to Bruce for putting us on the map. Frankly, it’s hard to say what the martial arts world would be like today, if it hadn’t been for him. The martial arts may not be nearly as mainstream or popular. Can you imagine that?

Let’s face it: Linda’s late husband has deservingly become THE most iconic martial artist of all time and I don’t believe that another martial artist will ever top him. No martial artist will ever outdo Bruce’s impact on society, match his stardom or surpass his legacy in the arts. Even if someone truly unique suddenly came along with a similar level of talent, charisma and physical attributes…they still wouldn’t come close to outshining Bruce Lee because the timing for creating a “better Bruce Lee” passed long ago. Done deal. That window of opportunity is closed forever.

So in my mind, Bruce Lee is—and will always be—the “Elvis Presley” of the martial arts. Bruce was “the one.” And he has arguably helped the martial arts industry more than anyone else by creating mass awareness of what the martial arts is, how it results in huge amounts of confidence, and the powerful freedom of expression and individuality that comes from the training.

Powerful stuff!

And that’s why yours truly, “The Ambassador of the Martial Arts,” is so happy to be involved with any meaningful venture that benefits The Bruce Lee Foundation (BLF) or The Bruce Lee Action Museum. It’s a way for me to give back to a man who has indirectly given so much to me.

So, after hearing Linda’s words about the museum, I responded by pledging my support and suggesting some creative ways that I might lend a helping hand to her cause.

Since that conversation, good things have already begun to happen.

In fact, I’m in the process of coordinating an interview between Shannon Lee (Bruce and Linda’s daughter) and my good friend, marketing legend, Jay Abraham. This interview may soon be read by legions of people in one of Jay’s social media magazines. With more than 13 million issues being emailed to the readership base, this interview will result in some great exposure that could seriously benefit BLF and their steadfast museum project.

(No doubt—when good people join together for a worthwhile cause—amazing things result. It’s a little like the power of the “mastermind” that Napoleon Hill wrote about in Think and Grow Rich. Love it!)

In the future, I’ll keep you posted as to any important developments involving The Bruce Lee Action Museum…and how you can lend your support when the time is right.

So please stay tuned. And keep your eyes peeled for updates right here on



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