Game Changers International (GCI)

Game Changers International (GCI)

Former NAPMA President, Rob Colasanti, has launched Game Changers International (GCI).

GCI is a high-integrity, affordable, support program for school owners who want to grow in accordance with their own personal values and beliefs—WITHOUT the overpriced advice, expensive upsells, corporate attitudes or hidden agendas.

According to GCI President Rob Colasanti, “GCI is an honest, grass roots movement that’s reminiscent of the early days of NAPMA, which everyone enjoyed so much. I’m happy to finally bring those days back with the launch of GCI.”

Jay Abraham—America's #1 Marketing Guru

As part of the GCI launch, Colasanti was able to sway America’s #1 marketing genius, Jay Abraham, to join him in helping school owners succeed.

Jay Abraham, comments, “I recognize the value in what school owners do for our society. I recognize how hard they work to change people’s lives—especially kids. So I’m willing to contribute to Rob’s GCI cause and help school owners become more profitable. And I don’t expect anything in return.”

Colasanti has also arranged for the GCI members to receive expert guidance and support from some of his many powerhouse friends in the martial arts world.

For example, John Cassidy, founder of TopKick Martial Arts, will contribute monthly tools and webinars on the key systems that are recommended for any owner who wants to achieve peak operational performance. TopKick generates more than 5-million dollars per year with just five schools, so their proven strategies will be worth their weight in gold to any GCI client.

Mike “Secret Weapon” Bidwell, who is head of sales and marketing at Tai Kai Martial Arts with more than 400 active students, will provide “Done-4-You,” “grass roots” marketing materials and proven lead generation ideas that you can customize for your school and implement inexpensively.

Matt Furey, Zen Master of the Internet and President of the Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation, will generously contribute content focused on helping school owners master their mental game. Furey is THE best in the business when it comes to teaching others how to develop the mindset for success so they can get all they want out of life.

And when it comes to instructor training, GCI has its members covered in a big way!

Each month, Master Melody Shuman will present The Ten Laws of Instruction Webinar Series—consisting of clear, concise, effective strategies and guidelines that will enable instructors to teach the very best classes possible. It’s staff training made easy! The end result will be higher levels of student retention, instructor satisfaction and most importantly…school growth for the owner.

Clients of GCI will enjoy a myriad of benefits and resources to ensure their personal and professional growth, including:


  • Monthly audio interviews with top school owners and celebrity entrepreneurs on Rob Colasanti’s MA Biz Power Connection show
  • Live business building and mentoring teleseminars conducted by Jay Abraham
  • Monthly “Done-4-You” marketing campaigns 
  • Exposure to modern, affordable technologies that will give your school a powerful advantage in the marketplace 
  • 2 free tickets to the GCI Summit featuring a handful of select presenters and exhibitors 
  • Monthly insights into key school systems by TopKick Martial Arts
  • Discover truthful school-growth information about what works, and what is an absolute waste of your time and money
  • A “Done-4-You” student newsletter called Building Great Families
  • A help desk for solutions to stubborn school-related challenges (facilitated by Rob Colasanti)
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded GCI members
  • An ongoing 10% association discount on Bold Look products and services.
  • And much more as the association gains momentum…

Colasanti has also arranged for the GCI members to receive “The Ultimate Start-Up Kit” featuring 19 valuable BONUS items contributed by the GCI supporters. The purpose of the kit, which will continue to expand, is to help “jump start” each new member’s growth the moment they join the GCI movement. The kit contains no teasery…only meat-n-potatoes information and actionable content that applies to any school owner.


GCI members receive "The Ultimate Start-Up Kit" for free with their membership.


Colasanti adds, “We have many supporters who are all kicking-in whatever resources they can because GCI is such a good thing for our industry. I want to personally thank The Abraham Group, Webmation, Member Solutions, Dojo Digest, Zebra Mats, One Merit Badges, Matt Furey Enterprises, USSSA, Building Great Kids, Martial Arts Business Systems, Rising Sun Productions, TopKick Martial Arts, Hyper Pro Training, Shuman Concepts, Ed Parker, Jr. Diplomas, Master Mack Marketing, Satori Martial Arts, Cunningly Clever Marketing, Tommy Lee, Martial Arts Group Insurance, and other fine companies have all been extremely generous with their contributions.”

It’s difficult to place a dollar amount on what the GCI program is worth. But school owners who are accepted as client members during the launch phase will “kick-in” a total of only $297 for the entire year on the “Value Plan.” Or, just $97 down and $19.95 per month on the “Budget Plan. 

Then, during a client’s second year of membership and beyond, the tuition will drop to a flat fee of only $19.95 per month. And once on board, your tuition rate will be locked-in permanently.

According to Colasanti, “I do anticipate the tuition for GCI will increase. After all, NAPMA was $99 per month back in 1995. But my rule of thumb, as written in our Terms and Conditions, is that when you join GCI, your tuition stays the same for the lifetime of your membership. That’s called our Client Loyalty Program. So joining GCI now presents a fantastic opportunity for any instructor who wants to get in on a serious bargain.”

To learn more about GCI and to download Colasanti’s free special report titled Where Did All the Integrity Go? please visit


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