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About Rob

Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at The Abraham Group

I’m Rob Colasanti

An executive, strategic partnership expert, brand ambassador…and your Jay Abraham connection.

A former martial arts industry leader, today I’m honored to serve as the legendary Jay Abraham’s Vice President, as he continues to influence countless business owners and entrepreneurs across the globe.

For more than a decade, I’m the guy who has been mostly responsible for onboarding Jay’s private clients, organizing his mastermind groups, arranging his speaking engagements, negotiating his barter deals, filling his online mentorships, populating his $25K per person “Breakthroughs” events and more.

Yes, Jay keeps me very busy…and I love it!

One question people frequently ask me is “How did you get involved with Jay?”

After completing 191 credit hours of college to become a medical doctor, I decided to “temporarily” pursue my other passion, which was martial arts.

At the time, I was a professional martial artist, and just before heading off to med school, my instructor decided to start an information business as a side hustle. I got involved with it at the ground floor and was the “key player” who helped the founder build it into what became the world’s largest professional martial arts association. It was kinda like the PGA of the martial arts world.

One of my initiatives was to introduce mainstream experts to the martial arts community. I began with Tony Robbins. It was a whopping success.

Second, was Jay Abraham… “America’s Number One Marketing Genius.” I did a lengthy interview with Jay that was mailed to thousands of member schools on CD.

Then, I did a two-part cover story on Jay in our magazine, which was being hardcopy delivered to nearly 25,000 schools per month in North America. We collaborated on numerous other projects over the years and Jay became like a father-figure to me.

In 2010, I sold my shares back to the company as it was time to move on. Jay asked, “What are you going to do next?” I said, “I don’t know.” He then suggested, “Well, why don’t we partner and do something together?”

And the rest is history.

Oh, what a journey it’s been…

From being a role model martial arts instructor at an early age, to becoming a respected fighter, to President of a company that revolutionized an industry, to working with all kinds of celebrities and experts that I once only dreamed of meeting, to going from economically challenged to having more abundance than I could have ever imagined, to authoring and coauthoring five books, to being on movie sets and magazine covers, to now working side-by-side with the great Jay Abraham… I guess you can say I’ve been truly blessed.

Oh, I’m also the very lucky husband to Anja and proud father to our amazing son Austin!

That leads me to today…

These days, most of my time is spent on phone or Zoom calls with a diverse spectrum of business owners who want to work with Jay.

My approach is simple: Learn about your priority issues or opportunities. Give you a straightforward impact analysis to determine if Jay can help you and to what degree. Map out the available options. And ultimately give you my honest assessment on the path forward without ever attempting to “hard sell” you on our services. If we are a match, then I’ll typically get Jay involved as a next step.

Let’s have a conversation

If you’re seriously considering Jay’s services at any level, I invite you to schedule an exploratory discussion with me.

We’ll put our heads together and see where it leads. Or, if you simply want more information about Jay at this stage, you’ll find an abundance of it in the Resource section of this site.

Thanks-a-million for visiting. I hope we have the opportunity to connect. And I wish you the very best of success in all you do!

Highest personal regards,