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I’m Rob Colasanti

An executive, strategic partnership expert, brand ambassador…
and your Jay Abraham connection.

A former martial arts industry leader, today I’m honored to serve as the legendary Jay Abraham’s Vice President, as he continues to influence countless business owners and entrepreneurs across the globe.

For more than a decade, I’m the guy who has been mostly responsible for onboarding Jay’s private clients, organizing his mastermind groups, arranging his speaking engagements, negotiating his barter deals, filling his online mentorships, populating his $25K per person “Breakthroughs” events and more. Yes, Jay keeps me very busy…and I love it!

👋 Text me! 555.222.1324

Let’s have a conversation

If you’re seriously considering Jay’s services at any level, I invite you to go to the Contact section and schedule an exploratory discussion with me.

We’ll put our heads together and see where it leads. Or, if you simply want more information about Jay at this stage, you’ll find an abundance of it in the Resource section of this site.

Thanks-a-million for visiting. I hope we have the opportunity to connect. And I wish you the very best of success in all you do!

Highest personal regards,